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November Horoscopes and Astrology Update for the Collective

Today's Astrology Update covers the planetary shift and energetic hangover many of us are dealing with, as we process all that came up during the two Eclipses we just had in October. Massive changes are happening both internally and externally, but emotional exhaustion abounds. Thankfully, with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the mood is starting to lighten in some ways. Venus just moved into Libra, reminding us how important it is to look for glimmers in life, especially when we feel overwhelmed. To make the most of the current energy at hand, allow yourself to hope, to dream, and to imagine how things could be. Then let those dreams infuse your plans for the future.

I start with an overview of the planetary energy right now, and then I get into individualized horoscopes for all twelve zodiac signs. These are written for rising signs, but if you don't know your rising sign, please watch your Sun sign. If you know both, please watch both. Also, because of the positions of the planets right now, if your birthday is at the very end of a sign, please consider watching the horoscope for the next sign after yours, for more important guidance and information.

Welcome back to my channel! My name is Erin, and I am Queen Bee Tarot. It is my honor and my pleasure to channel heart-centered messages for the collective. It is my goal to enlighten and empower you. I've been reading Tarot and studying Astrology for over 30 years. I am a Psychic Medium and a Clairvoyant. To book a private reading with me, or to learn how to read Tarot, please visit my website at . Thank you for being here!

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