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Are you your own worst enemy? Mercury catalyzes profound change: Horoscopes for May 26 to June 1

Gemini's Planetary Ruler Mercury is the main player this week, bringing our attention to our headspace and the realities we co-create. Saturn in Pisces catalyzes an awareness of self-sabotage, and Uranus activates a willingness to change our choices- which can transform our entire lives. Shift Happens, and Ripples of Change effect all of our relationships ~ Watch now to see what you can expect this week!

- #Astrology #Horoscopes for all 12 signs- I start with an overview of the planetary energy, and then I get into detailed horoscopes. These are written for rising signs and sun signs- watch both for extra insight.

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Hope the imposter that is using your name is deleted.


Hi Erin! , Thanks so much! Have a great day!

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