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Shadow work- what is it and why should we do it?

Hey everyone,. I was just getting ready for bed and came across this video. I love Carl Jung's work, and this is a really good explanation of what shadow work is, and why it's important.

Basically, we all have a shadow side. It's undeniable. Just as the day has the night, our "bright" personalities always have a dark side. The concept of shadow work is meeting your shadow. Getting to know it. Being honest about what triggers you, how you react, and what sort of negative thoughts you sometimes entertain. It's important to recognize that these thoughts and feelings are 100% part of being a human and nothing to be ashamed of. Trouble comes when we act upon these negative thoughts or feelings. We also create trouble for ourselves when we live in a place of denial regarding our true nature, our motivations, or our actions.

By doing shadow work, accepting ourselves for who we are, and being honest and willing to make changes, we are then able make any necessary changes that enable us to live healthy lives.

You can't run from your shadow, there's nowhere to hide.

Have a look here:

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