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Our Horoscopes May 30th – June 5: Post Eclipse Hangover

Our Horoscopes May 30th – June 5: Post Eclipse Hangover

If you feel like you were just run over by a train, you are not alone. We are between two eclipses, experiencing an energetic hangover. Full Moons are always a peak of energy, but when you add a Lunar Eclipse, it amplifies whatever we are experiencing. Catalyzing a major purge, it was also a time of releasing all that was bottled up. With Mercury now retrograde, and Mars approaching an exact opposition with Pluto, this purge is set to continue through this week. As we release what no longer serves our greatest good, it is essential to be mindful of our tone and energy. If we practice noticing any fears or anxieties that come bubbling up to the surface, and face them with humility and honesty, we can alter the course of our fate. Any lessons we do not learn now will continue to repeat themselves until we do. As we prepare for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10th, it will be beneficial to embrace the shadows of our souls, rather than running from them. It is the only way to truly learn. Shadows can only be created when there is light to illuminate, so remember that everyone is a balance of both light and shadow. Where our attention goes, our energy flows.

These horoscopes are written for Sun and Rising signs, but if you know your Moon sign, read that too for extra insight.

Aries: Now that you’ve had a taste of how wonderful things can be, there’s no going back to the way things were. Unfortunately, what is important to you may not even be on the radar of others, so you may find yourself having to remind those around you where you stand and what you want. Our lives are co-created each moment at a time with a complex recipe that combines our energy and expectations with the world around us. Disappointment in others can be sublimated into self-doubt if we are not careful, and when Venus moves into Cancer, we will be feeling far more sensitive than usual. Fortunately, you’ve got an incredible work ethic, and dreams of a better world or a better life for yourself continue to propel you forwards. By the end of the week, that drive will be amplified. Between the Moon in your sign and fortunate angles between Venus and Jupiter, soon you will be pumped and ready to fight another day.

Taurus: When we are deeply focused on the moment, we can get lost in the details. The sense that we are stuck can be overwhelming. Take comfort in knowing that change is the only constant in the universe. Things aren’t the same as they were a year ago, and won’t be the same a year from now. If that feels sad or scary, take note of what you want to keep, and what you want to release. This is the perfect time to create the script of your best life, allowing for improvisation as needed. You have all that you need to thrive, and so far you’ve survived all that life has thrown at you. Your next best steps will require the assistance of others, so keep your eyes open for the helpers. When Venus moves into Cancer this week, new networking opportunities will become available. Rumi says, “You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a single drop.”

Gemini: When we notice repeating patterns in our lives, it is easy to become convinced that things will always be the same. Consider, though, that there is no such thing as being doomed or cursed, and saying so only attracts more of the same. Work feels like a comfortable distraction when our lives are chaotic, because daily tasks and chores are predictable, and the problems solvable. Relationship dynamics, not so much. Take a moment to reflect on the moments you feel at your best- because those qualities that shine through in one part of your life can be transferred into another. Mid-week, Venus moves out of your sign and into Cancer, signaling a shift from healing the self to manifesting your desires. We attract what we believe we are worthy of, so continue the healing process of your soul this week by projecting expectations of positive outcomes (rather than worst case scenario), and see what happens.

Cancer: It is an unfortunate fact that those we are closest to are able to hurt us the most. Consider that it is because we care about their opinion, and they have a window into our lives- but it is not an accurate view, considering they are standing outside. This week, Mars approaches an exact opposition with Pluto, making it hard not to take criticism or negativity personally. Remember that the most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves, and anyone that thinks they know more about us than us is tragically mistaken. Mid-week, Venus moves into your sign, encouraging you to stand strong with self love and respect. You are capable of doing great things, no matter what anyone else says. A helpful angle between Venus and Jupiter will infuse you with the motivation you need to follow your dreams with an attitude of positivity. Make it a priority to mend your self confidence, and everything else will come together.

Leo: Have you ever heard the phrase, “Only boring people get bored”? You, dear Leo, are certainly not boring. In fact, you are quite gifted! Doing what you love sets you apart from others- not because you are better than them, but because you are channeling the divine into the physical dimension. A healthy ego can be productive or destructive, depending on how it is applied. Giving credit where credit is due helps you too. Mars and Neptune form a helpful angle this week that will help you tune into that unique flow of creative energy, allowing you to tap into an endless stream of divinity and grace. All you need to do is get out of your own way. Fear of failure prevents you from stepping out of your comfort zone, but that is exactly what is required of you right now. With each triumph, hold space with deep gratitude, and more success will come. Spirit is in you and works through you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Virgo: When your planetary ruler Mercury goes retrograde, your sign is one of the most affected. Feeling off or unsettled, it’s hard to get into a groove, and you may get lost in mental fog. Be mindful of where your attention goes when you are frustrated, and consider if your energy is misdirected. If you are struggling, instead of being critical of yourself or others, remember to employ all tools available- like a flashlight in the dark, or a compass in a storm. This feeling of disorientation will pass soon. Unfortunately, until it does, your tasks may take longer than usual. Rather than skipping breaks (or meals), be sure to make time for doing absolutely nothing. Pushing when you are spent won’t bring out your best, but a centered and rested self excels. When Venus moves into Cancer mid-week, your energy will shift from production to creation, making it easier to enjoy whatever you do.

Libra: Without a goal or destination in sight, we tend to roll through life on autopilot. An interruption of our routine could be seen as a disturbance or inconvenience, or it could be considered a blessing in disguise- a chance to gain a new perspective on old problems. Being yanked out of a groggy dream state can feel like a rude awakening, but the universe is constantly conspiring to shower blessings upon you- including reminders of how much you are loved and appreciated. When your ruling planet Venus moves into Cancer this week, she activates your 10th house of career, infusing your path with a newfound excitement and clarity. Mars and Neptune form a helpful angle that will help you carry this fresh motivation into your daily life, reminding you why you do what you do. Soon you will be ready to return to the “same old”, but this time with meaning and feeling!

Scorpio: What a long and strange trip life is! Even stranger to find the same sorts of people and situations no matter where you go. Reflecting on common threads will help you understand that even though we are all unique, in many ways we are all the same. If the same troubles seem to follow you wherever you go, ask yourself why certain moths seem to be drawn to your flame. With each awakening, the fog is lifting, and it feels easier to create the life of your dreams. This week, Venus moves into fellow water sign Cancer, activating your desire to break the mold. Your hard work is paying off, and you are learning that you have a spiritual flyswatter of sorts at your disposal. Each time you fend off unwanted energy, you are setting a healthy precedent. The future looks bright, and it’s because you are tuning into the light and leaving the darkness behind.

Sagittarius: When we feel dissatisfied, we are faced with a choice- either lower our standards, or work towards a solution, pushing through challenges even harder than before. It can be brutally disheartening to feel as though we spread our love everywhere, but don’t receive much in return. Are you expecting too much? Only you know the answer to this question. Acceptance is the key to understanding, but you don’t have to settle for less than what you deserve. This week, when Venus moves into Cancer, all of the feelings you’ve stuffed will come bubbling up to the surface, forcing you to deal with resentments, fears, and anxieties. Each challenge has something to teach us, if we are ready and willing to listen. Keep working on communication, and your relationships will either improve or fall apart. Both options are better than feeling stuck in a stagnant situation. Be the change you wish to see.

Capricorn: How many times have you hesitated, holding yourself back because you don’t believe you are good enough? It is important to accurately assess our abilities, but projecting fears or anxieties into the future hurts instead of helps. Consider that many who tout themselves as leaders or experts are neither one, but their confidence makes up for lack of ability. Those who are closest to you can see your passion and excitement, which you share when you are around trusted company. Immersing yourself in your hobbies or talents on a daily basis will bring you the abundance you’ve been hoping for, because your work ethic is unmatched. With focus and discipline, you can bring those dreams into reality. Stepping out of your comfort zone will give you the chance to be admired by outsiders, too. Those who love you support you unconditionally, but “yes-men” don’t help us grow.

Aquarius: The week starts with the Moon in your sign, heightening your emotional responses to mundane stimuli. A sense of dissatisfaction pervades your awareness, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. It is suggested that if we do what we love, the money will follow. Unfortunately, when we turn a passion into a job, it can take all of the fun out of it. It may help to remind yourself why you do the things you do, and then consider how you can make it fun again. Go where you feel most joyful, and let go of the pressure to produce or be profitable as much as you can. Too many deadlines and expectations are killing your vibe. Venus and Jupiter form a graceful trine, infusing you with the desire to have fun again, no matter the cost. This is a fantastic opportunity to rethink what you are putting your energy into, and on what terms. Options may feel limited, but remember where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Pisces: At the beginning of the week, you may feel drawn to the ethereal, lost in thought or daydreams. When the Moon moves into your sign on Tuesday, emotions will overwhelm your senses, but your intuition will be especially heightened. Take note of any dreams or premonitions you have! On Wednesday, when Venus moves into fellow water sign Cancer, you will finally be able to sort out what you are feeling and why. Allow the dust to settle, and the answers will become clear in time. What felt uncomfortable at first will make sense later, so don’t try to name the unnameable. Some feelings cannot be defined- but when we try, our thoughts can take us to some interesting places, so be mindful of what you do with those feelings. The best way to channel stagnant energy is to move around or change your environment. With different scenery, you will feel like a different person. Get outside and play!

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