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Our Horoscopes for the New Moon in Leo: August 8-14

We see what we want to see, and scientific studies have proven we are more likely to seek evidence to support our perspective, rather than considering any suggestion that may prove otherwise. Even those who consider themselves to be open-minded may be distracted or diverted by illusions this week. Clarity will only be found by those who truly seek it. Deep feelings of discomfort compel us to make sweeping changes, and if our reasons for doing so are clouded in any way, we will not achieve the desired results- in fact, quite the opposite will happen. We desire more than ever to feel in control right now, but the choices we make may be clouded by our inability to see beyond what we already think. Running on assumptions or unclear motivations, the cascading result of subsequent events can create a snowball effect, spinning wildly out of control.

Just a few days ago, the Sun squared Uranus, creating an uncomfortable energy that motivated restless souls to shake up their routines, and highlighted imbalances of power. This week begins with a New Moon in Leo, and when the Sun and Moon meet, our egos and subconscious are united. This is a time of fresh starts, and in the sign of the Lion, we are inspired to create our best lives, embodying the qualities and characteristics of courage, love, and honor. If we reflect on our highest aspirations and they feel miles away, negative emotions can drown us, or a flame of desire will start to burn in our hearts. Just after the New Moon, Venus opposes Neptune and the Moon joins Mars, creating a fog within relationships and infusing our actions with deep wells of emotion. It will be important not to make any rash decisions, because regret may set in after things calm down. Mid-week, Mercury moves into Virgo, encouraging us to investigate thoroughly before coming to any conclusions.

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Aries: The New Moon in Leo this week offers you an opportunity to rethink your ego- how it helps your cause, and how it may hurt. If you are convinced that you are without fault, and you view the world with disappointed eyes, you will see nothing but lack, questioning why you do not have what you wish for. The results and rewards you wish to manifest will not come instantly with a choice or an action, instead, slowly accumulating with consistent effort. Turbulent emotions can be channeled into resolve, and if you choose to change your daily routine, your ideal life can be created. A negative mindset will sink your boat. The key is to step out of your perspective and look around you. Taking time to help others will present an opportunity to network, and it’s all about who you know, not what you know.

Taurus: The New Moon in Leo this week offers you a chance to ground out and find peace. New beginnings come from letting go of old emotions and repeating cycles. If your heart or headspace feel dull or stagnant, change your environment. You are feeling extra sensitive these days, but the world that you often feel imprisoned by is a world that you created. At any point, you could walk away from the chains that bind you, but there is a reason they exist. Do the ends justify the means? Feeling stuck perpetuates a victim mindset, and you are no such thing. Every step of the way you have choices, so make sure you only say “yes” when you want to. There is huge potential for transforming yourself and your future, and it will come when you open your mind to new possibilities. You are in control.

Gemini: The New Moon in Leo this week offers a chance to rethink your desire to communicate. Do you socialize just to distract yourself from spinning thoughts? The cobwebs in your mind are calling for your attention. You’ve talked things out as much as you can, now it’s time to process and come to your own conclusions. It’s important that you make choices because you think they are a good idea- not just because someone else thinks so. What do you believe? Turbulent emotions can be addressed and healed with quality time to yourself, tending to your inner child and healing your sensitive heart. A new philosophy will help you accept that which you cannot change, and gather the courage to change what you can. Reflecting on challenges you’ve overcome in the past can help you remember how capable you are.

Cancer: The New Moon in Leo this week reminds you just how much you have. It’s all about quality, not quantity. That which you value the most is treasured because of how it makes you feel. Even though you are typically a homebody, the opportunity to connect with the rest of the world feels exciting but also a little bit terrifying. To quell your fears, make sure to communicate rules of engagement, making sure everyone is on the same page instead of assuming precautions are being taken. Sharing space with those you love is exactly what you need, because overwhelming emotions can be helped or healed when you talk them out with supportive people. Recent events are weighing heavily on your heart, but support is available if you reach out for it. Energy exchanges will lift you up and recharge your batteries.

Leo: The New Moon in your sign presents an opportunity to rethink who you are. Recent events have dashed your hopes and caused you to question your dreams a bit. Remind yourself that obstacles are not the end of the road, merely a chance to rethink your approach. Some battles are finished now, but others will come, so it’s important that you learn what worked and what didn’t. Not everyone shares the same values you do, and the more you can limit your interactions with undesirable company, the better. Keep that circle tight. If someone seems to bring out the worst in you, it’s because they know what buttons to push. Those sore spots will always exist, but you can change your reactions. New daily routines are giving you a chance to reschedule your life, boost your confidence, and love yourself fully.

Virgo: This week’s New Moon in Leo provides a fantastic opportunity to examine your thoughts and fears. When life gets hard, don’t get hard on yourself. No one is perfect, and if your standards are too high, everything will feel hard. Your imperfections and flaws are forgivable and human. Consider the advice and support you give others, and ask yourself if you direct the same compassion inwards. Frayed nerves and turbulent emotions point you in the direction of what needs healing. Too narrow of a focus can hamper your productivity, but expanding your awareness to see the bigger picture will help you see how far you’ve come. Do your best, but remember your “best” will change every day depending on how you’re feeling. Keep plugging away at your dreams, you’re closer to your goals than you realize.

Libra: This week’s New Moon in Leo has you yearning for greener pastures. Imagining a world full of potential, beckoning you down a new path, is helping distract you from challenges and difficulties at home. Feeling stuck and tangled up in a web of undesirable interaction, you’re ready for change. Your headspace has taken a beating, and your mental health affects your physical health. Your perception of limited options has you turning around some brand-new ideas, but it’s important to remember you can never run away from yourself. Some things will always be the same, and that’s where directing your focus can be extremely productive. Pretend your head and your heart are a mailbox. Instead of letting it fill up with junk mail, consider how you can refuse delivery, or return to sender.

Scorpio: The New Moon in Leo this week offers a rewarding challenge. As you embark on a new career or professional trajectory, nervous excitement fills your gut with butterflies. You’re ready to change how you relate to people in a way that feels more authentically you. Life has taught you so much, and you’re ready to share what you’ve learned with the world. In the past, you chose to present a cool and calm façade, but it’s becoming clear that pretending isn’t helping anyone. Your destiny awaits, and all the work you’ve done to establish a healthy heart will be the key to your success. It may be hard to imagine how you can translate a life’s worth of experiences into something others can understand, but you’re ready, willing, and extremely capable. Talk it out, the answers will become clear, and the path will manifest.

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Leo this week unlocks fresh opportunities for you. As you begin to imagine a better future, you may struggle to formulate the steps that will get you there. A plan is not necessary to get the ball rolling- your passionate drive will open doors that were previously closed. Keep your focus on the goal, and with every choice, ask yourself, “will this get me closer, or will this keep me stuck?”. Communicate your thoughts and ideas, because through networking, a destined connection will manifest. Bring your dreams into the light where they can grow and flourish. Even if you are unsure of what action to take, hesitation will not produce the results you hope for. Step into a creator role, don’t wait for permission or certainty, it may never come. There’s no time like the present.

Capricorn: The New Moon in Leo this week brings the sense that some things were fated to happen. So often in life, we find ourselves continually reacting to whatever is thrown at us. This week you’ll see that a grand cosmic scheme that felt chaotic before is suddenly working out in your favor. When we get bogged down in our emotional reactions to situations, we can miss opportunities to make things work for us. Consider every challenge a tool, and you will excel. Ask yourself, “how can I use this to my advantage?”. As you work to break free of challenges and restrictions, communication will be key. It is possible you weren’t clear enough, or you were misunderstood- so when in doubt, clarify your intentions. What you seek to manifest will come more quickly if you put energy into it every single day.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Leo this week helps to realign your relationships and partnerships more closely with your ideals. Your tolerance for bs is almost nonexistent now, compared to not that long ago. Unfortunately, as your social circle changes, sometimes loneliness can get the best of you, so try to remember that quality is far better than quantity. With a rock-solid foundation of self love, it gets easier to say no to anything that feels unhealthy. If it feels hard setting boundaries, you’re not prioritizing yourself enough. Try making your health and happiness non-negotiable and see what happens. You were not meant to suffer, only to learn, so consider which patterns seem to be repeating, and what keeps them going. This is a great time to dream big and take risks. What do you have to lose?

Pisces: Our bodies are the vehicle through which we travel the world and live our lives. This week’s New Moon in Leo invites you to love yours fully and completely. To regard it as a temple, and only allow in what is sacred and clean will help you to come back into alignment. It is easy to talk about being healthy, but how much do you secretly cheat? To try and survive with little sleep and make up the difference with extra coffee is no way to live. Every little choice matters. You can’t be there for other people as much as you want to when you are struggling so much. By making small changes, big results will happen. Other people will continue to test your patience, but if you have a bigger reservoir of energy to draw from, coping and adapting will be far easier, and emotional reactions will be minimized.

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