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Our Horoscopes for June 20-26: Chasing Rainbows

Our Horoscopes for June 20-26: Chasing Rainbows

Finally, some Astrology to look forward to! This week we have multiple grand trines forming, bringing balance, luck, and prosperity. After a massive storm, we see a rainbow- symbolizing that no difficulties last forever, and with patience and perseverance we will make it through to the other side. This Sunday, the Sun moves into Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. However, just before it does, a mixed-element trine is formed between the Sun at the end of Gemini (air), the Moon in the first degrees of Scorpio (water), and Jupiter, our luck planet, at the beginning of Pisces (water). This fortuitous event brings our logical minds into balance with our ability to deeply feel. A sense of urgency combined with a willingness to accept reality for what it is holds incredible potential for life-changing realizations.

Jupiter turns retrograde later that day- indicating that our luck is changing- but judging better or worse is always a matter of perspective. With Mercury still retrograde, our motivations will come into question, and we may have to clarify our intentions. On Monday, Venus and Neptune form a trine, and the potential for confusion is high. The energy will be so positive that somewhere between sweet-talk and deception, our imaginations may run wild. This is a great time for having fun, but don’t take everything you see or hear at face value. Mercury finally goes direct on Tuesday, clearing the brain fog, and helping us to turn plans into action. On Wednesday, the Sun forms a supportive trine with Jupiter, boosting our confidence and filling us with buoyant optimism. As the week progresses, Venus opposes Pluto, indicating that power struggles will come to a head, but also offers us a chance to find an exit door if there is no resolution possible. As the week closes, Neptune retrograde, and a Full Moon in Capricorn extend an invitation to do things differently.

These horoscopes are written for Sun and Rising signs, but if you know your Moon sign, read that too for extra insight. If you enjoy reading these, please consider making a donation to support this ongoing labor of love~ Paypal and E-transfer are gratefully accepted at Thank you so much and blessed be!

Aries: With the Sun’s transition into Cancer, you begin a month-long focus on emotional stability and family dynamics. Ideally, our home is a retreat from the chaotic world, and you need such a place. The first grand trine of the week aligns your higher mind with your communication skills, as well as initiating the financial and karmic return you have been waiting for. Although the results may not be apparent immediately, a new sense of calm will pervade. Mid-week, when Mercury comes out of retrograde, you will finally have words for those deep thoughts that have been bouncing around in your head. Towards the end of the week, you may feel pulled in two directions- torn between responsibilities and the need for rest. When Neptune turns retrograde on Friday, you will prioritize what feels good, and what you intuitively know to be true, no matter what anyone else says. The truth will set you free.

Taurus: When the Sun moves through Cancer over the next month, your communication will convey your emotional state, whether you intend to do so or not. The first trine of the week aligns your ideals with your desire to affect positive change in the world, cooperatively with business and romantic partners. Success means less when we leave those we love behind, and you wish to advance not only your goals, but the efforts of others as well. Recently your ability to problem-solve and brainstorm solutions had stagnated, but that is all about to change. Infused with fresh inspiration and motivation, you will find fresh determination to move mountains. Aware that your thoughts become words and then actions, mindfulness and conscious consideration pave the way for your next chapter. The Full Moon at the end of the week brings the realization that a healthy headspace makes everything possible.

Gemini: The past month has been extremely challenging for you. First it felt as though everything was falling apart- but this week you will see that all you release makes room for new opportunities. The first trine of the week brings a sense of urgency to your mission, but soon, a fortunate series of events will bring your next best steps into view. The Sun’s transition into Cancer brings a focus on finances and stability, and when your planetary ruler Mercury finally comes out of retrograde, everything will start to come together. Neptune will be moving retrograde through your 2nd house of money, inviting you to align your ideals with your energetic output. You are a human, not a robot, and you want your work to have meaning. Now is the time to affirm your desire for an opportunity to contribute your efforts in a way that is fulfilling but also profitable. The Full Moon at the end of the week brings the realization that you can have both.

Cancer: As you approach your solar return, a sense of completion pervades your awareness. It is only natural to reflect on our accomplishments and our goals for the future around the time of our birthday. As you take stock of both your challenges and strengths, the planets align in a way that solidifies a new self-confidence and hope. At the beginning of the week, you will be feeling calm and contemplative; but as the week progresses, your energy will get a much-needed boost. Mercury finally comes out of retrograde, and that fuzzy feeling in your brain will soon dissipate. Your efforts are paying off, and when you do what you love, it rarely feels like work. Multiple grand water trines infuse you with elemental support, allowing you to feel comfortable in your skin, and grateful for life’s challenges and blessings. Like a lantern in the dark, the Full Moon on Friday brings clarity of purpose and of future direction.

Leo: Ever since Mars moved into your sign last week, it has been hard to think before you speak- but that is just what you must do. Jupiter turns retrograde in your 8th house of karma and shared resources, initiating energetic return- both expected and unexpected. The first grand trine of the week highlights the balance between your energy, your creativity, and your emotional health. When any one of these is out of alignment, the others suffer- and reflecting on deficiencies will help you to see what needs more or less attention. With the Sun beginning a month-long journey through Cancer, your emotions will feel more raw than usual. This is not negative or positive unless you label it as such. Try to observe without absorbing, and practice noticing your triggers. Are you running away from pain or running towards joy? Incorporating awareness with your intentions will help pave the way to the future you desire, leaving behind emotionally charged decisions that sabotage efforts.

Virgo: Some say that there is no such thing as luck- and success is a combination of inspiration and perspiration. Jupiter brings fortune, and it is our perception that labels it as good or bad. What you perceived as a curse will turn out to be a blessing, and your assessment of a challenging relationship will soon change. The words we use to describe a situation can negatively or positively affect our awareness, so try to avoid judging something before the outcome. The first grand trine of the week brings this energetic connection into focus. You are cautioned to be mindful of your thoughts, and careful with your words. As the Sun begins a month-long journey through Cancer, your emotional responses will be heightened. Channeling this energy into creativity will be immensely productive. When your planetary ruler Mercury comes out of retrograde, your next best steps will become clear.

Libra: What good is a job if it destroys your health? With the Sun moving into Cancer, your career comes into focus- and Jupiter will be retrograde in your 6th house of health and compassionate service. If you are always caring for others, but leave little time to care for yourself, everything will fall apart. Big emotional reactions to seemingly insignificant situations will lead you to question “what’s in it for me?”. Daily routines will be questioned, as will your goals and desires for the future. Mercury retrograde caused a great deal of confusion, but soon you will have clarity that will allow you to see what is truly fulfilling, and what is not worth your time. Routine can be comforting, but a new desire to do things differently will have you making adjustments to your schedule and plans for the future. The Full Moon at the end of the week brings the realization that no amount of money in the world is worth sacrificing your sanity.

Scorpio: The week begins with the Moon in your sign, heightening your emotional responses. Due to a grand trine formed between multiple planets in water signs, you will cycle between feeling overwhelmed and peacefully grounded. Thankfully, trines are supportive angles, assisting our efforts to achieve balance. Acceptance is the key to understanding- but if we cannot accept something, we must either act, or live with regret. When we were children, we were aware of how much we lack control, but as adults, we have higher expectations. Emotions are like an inner barometer, bringing our attention to where and when we are not aligned with our ideals, but attachment to outcomes can cause suffering. When Mercury comes out of retrograde, your ability to tie the past present and future together will bring a clarity of purpose and awareness that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Sagittarius: There is no love without pain, no luck without effort, no loss without gains. To understand the eternal balance of the universe, we must take a step back, and view things with a level of detachment. As the Sun begins a month-long journey through Cancer, you will find yourself reflecting on greater themes, seeing the details as pieces of a much larger puzzle. Jupiter will be retrograde in your 4th house of emotional stability and family roots, bringing your attention to where and when you feel safe and supported, or alone. The relationships in your life have been extra challenging lately, causing you to question everything- but that is where you must step back from the trees to be able to see the whole forest. The fears and anxieties you hide from the world will come seeping into your consciousness, giving you an opportunity to heal old wounds and make a healthy plan for the future.

Capricorn: Within our closest relationships, we share parts of ourselves that the rest of the world rarely sees. When we let our guard down and share vulnerable heart space, we open ourselves up to both love and pain. With Cancer beginning a month-long journey through your 7th house, emotional exchanges and efforts to create balance will be highlighted. Supportive grand trines between multiple planets in water signs this week mean that you will be far more emotional than you usually are. Your health and well-being are directly affected when things are out of alignment, and emotional responses are an indicator of imbalance. However, efforts to tally or quantify your experience will make it abundantly clear that life is full of grey areas. Life rarely offers us surety, and we must do the best we can to balance our heads and our hearts. Your typically logical approach will be infused with feeling.

Aquarius: Jupiter left your sign mid-May, entering the watery depths of Pisces. However, having just turned retrograde, it will return once again at the end of July. This indicates that your efforts to create abundance and prosperity will require that you reaffirm your intentions and deeper purpose. What you have long wished for has happened, and for that, you are grateful. Unexpected challenges, though, will cause you to question if your luck really has changed, or if you are doomed to make the same mistakes. It is imperative that you believe in yourself, no matter what happens, because our fears have a way of manifesting themselves. For the next few months, you will be asked again and again by life and situations to assert your boundaries, and hold strong to your vision for the future. The grand water trines this week invite you to start with a feeling as your goal, allowing the universe to fill in the details.

Pisces: What a blessing it is to have Jupiter moving through your sign! From mid-May until late July, you will feel especially lucky. Due to its retrograde journey, Jupiter will return to Aquarius by August, reminding you that even though you are in the driver’s seat, you have no control over life’s road conditions. This week has a magical energy that is perfect for setting intentions and asking for divine guidance. Your efforts to manifest abundance and prosperity are intertwined with a greater purpose in life, and as a student of life, everything can be a teaching or learning moment. Allow your mind to be expanded through the pursuit of inspiration and understanding, and a greater consciousness will grow in the fertile soil of your spirit. Mercury finally turns direct, helping you to resolve turbulent emotions and find footing on solid ground. A Full Moon at the end of the week brings a sense of accomplishment and joy.

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