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Our Horoscopes for July 18-24: Conscious Evolution

How can we believe in love when there is so much hate? How can we live in light when there is so much darkness? How can we be spiritual when this reality feels so heavy and restrictive? Our minds create limitations, in which such opposites seem to be mutually exclusive- but we have imposed these definitions, not this world. In nature, all things exist in balance, and we are invited to reshape and reform our perspectives this week in a way that allows for true evolution. Burdensome beliefs must be examined and potentially released in order to allow our selves and our lives to grow without personal prejudice. Only through compassion for ourselves and others will we be able to free ourselves from the murky waters of emotional attachments and depressive cycles.

The week starts with the Moon in Scorpio, an intense and intuitive water sign. Forming an exact opposition with Uranus, the planet of change, we are reminded that our emotions can either compel us to shift our awareness, or keep us bound in habitual reactions. A rare planetary configuration known as a Yod is formed at the same time, initiating a process of evolution. Through seemingly coincidental events, we are guided and supported through profound transformation. A Full Moon at the end of the week is the first of two we will have in Aquarius. This first one represents an opening to a new understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The second, in August, will cement our realizations into a new way of living.

These horoscopes are written for Sun and Rising signs, but if you know your Moon sign, read that too for extra insight. If you enjoy reading these, please consider making a donation to support this ongoing labor of love, or subscribe via link below <3 Paypal and E-transfer are gratefully accepted at Thank you so much and blessed be! From now on, these free horoscopes will be just on Full Moons and New Moons, and weekly horoscopes will only be available by subscription at .

Aries: You are one of three fire signs in the zodiac- but each of you has a completely different energy. Your fire is like a laser beam, with infinite focus and determination, and the willingness to fight for what you believe in. When the Sun moves into fellow fire sign Leo this week, your sharp edges will be softened with warmth and generosity. The lion can use its claws when it has to, but would much rather purr its way through life. Radiating warmth and pride, it will become easier to summon endless patience for your family. Not wanting to trouble those you love with your worries, you may hide your stress behind a warm smile, as you struggle to reconcile your desires with your duties. This week you are challenged to rethink what it means to have it all, and reminded that those who care about you care about all of you- not just the easy parts.

Taurus: Once you have your mind set on something, it is quite difficult to deter you. The same goes for your belief system. Once you have decided something is so, you tend to ignore any evidence to the contrary. Do your beliefs open doors or close them? This week you are invited to examine your subconscious patterns and consider if there is room to grow. By expanding your mind, you may realize that you were *gasp* wrong about something. Remind yourself that this is not a failing, and you did the best you could with the knowledge at the time. The more you switch up your routine and step out of your comfort zone, the more you will be exposed to other perspectives and ideas. It is by being challenged that we grow, and that is exactly what you need right now. We learn best through play, so don’t be too hard on yourself- remember to dance, sing, and laugh. Joy soothes the soul and relaxes the mind.

Gemini: Have you heard the phrase, “pictures or it didn’t happen”? A reference to tangible evidence is often stated on social media, and it is through these forums we feel most compelled to share our personal experiences. Selectively disclosing certain thoughts and feelings only gives a partial perspective, and most people choose to share only the best. As you chronicle your journey, consider what filters you apply. Are you compelled to justify or explain yourself? Why? We tend to seek approval and avoid judgment, letting others in only as far as we permit- keeping our deepest secrets buried deep beneath smiling selfies. This self-protective mechanism allows us to continue sacred work behind the scenes, because the world seeks to quantify what rarely has definition or form. Bravely sharing the messy moments can make us feel vulnerable, but such rare glimpses can free others from the pursuit of perfection.

Cancer: How do we know we are loved if we are not told? How do we know we are growing if change feels so slow? Do you need tangible evidence, measurements, or quantifiable proof? The security you seek from others is rarely received the way we hope, and in times of confusion, we have to find ways to feed our own souls. Babies cannot be comforted all the time, and must learn to self-soothe. Even as adults, we go through a similar process. Compassion for others is something you excel at, but extending it towards yourself can be a challenge. This week, you are invited to speak to yourself gently, respectfully, and with patience. Consider your inner dialogue, and if you tend to tear yourself down, now is the time to practice lifting yourself up. Your body is a vehicle through which you live your life, and your thoughts are the gas that propels you. Curiosity is the fire that ignites your soul, and propels you into the future.

Leo: Curiosity may have killed a cat, but that cat wasn’t you. Keenly interested in the world around you, your desire for new experiences and exciting company is exactly what makes your life so interesting. When one person or situation gets boring, you just move on to another. However, there is an underlying tendency to go where life feels fun and easy, and in doing so, you may be avoiding responsibility. This week, you are invited to stop running from your troubles, and sit with your feelings instead. As uncomfortable as it may be, analyzing relationship dynamics will tell you a lot about yourself. Do not dwell on your failings, but accept your flaws as part of an imperfectly perfect canvas- an eternal work in progress. Nothing about you is set in stone until you refuse to do anything about it.

Virgo: Your perfectionism is often at odds with your idealism. Fortunately, you understand that there is always room for improvement, and your willingness to do the hard work is one of your best qualities. That being said, your critical eye is often in overdrive, and there is something to be said for the occasional need for overlooking flaws. When something is bothering you, it’s hard to let go, even for a moment. Your tendency to obsess can ruin the best of days, and that’s exactly when a strength turns into a weakness. This week, you are invited to lighten up, and try not to take yourself or life so seriously. Expecting the best all the time just leads to disappointment. Dig deep, and consider all of the ways you label yourself or others “not good enough”. Are your standards too high? With compassion, release the need for perfection.

Libra: There is no magical recipe or step-by-step instructions that will help you achieve balance. Like the alchemist, you must mix and match a variety of ingredients in order to achieve the results you desire. Every day, it seems as though the scales have tipped once again, and you must continually recalibrate. Such an endless pursuit is exhausting, but rewarding. Lately, you have been working hard to find a comfortable medium between work and play, career goals and home life. Your body becomes the scale, giving feedback that helps you gauge where you stand. Your output cannot be more than your intake, so remember that what nourishes the soul also feeds the body, brightens the spirit, and refreshes your perspective. This week, you are invited to clean out the cobwebs of your mind and write a new recipe for your life.

Scorpio: When a plant does not grow well, we do not get angry with it. We compassionately attempt to resolve whatever the issues may be, and so we must do the same for ourselves. Imagine yourself like a plant, and consider what it is that you need in order to thrive, not just survive. What is your water of life, your soul food? Have you been getting enough sunlight lately? You cannot ignore your needs and expect to grow. We are simple like plants, and yet so complex- because as humans, we tend to overlook the most basic of solutions, and overthink our situations. This week, you are invited to examine your thought patterns, and look for the roots, the beginnings, the source. See if you can get to the bottom of things, with the simplest explanation possible. There is more to your situation than meets the eye. Just keep asking “why”.

Sagittarius: With your thoughts circling around themes of change and transformation, you are reflecting on what exactly is holding you back. Consider all the times you say, “I can’t…”, and where such limiting statements reflect core beliefs. It is possible you have ruled out opportunities or options unnecessarily. So many aspects of our inner dialogue are habitual, and not an accurate reflection of who we really are, or what we are truly capable of. Your tendency to be overly critical of your abilities negatively affects your life path, and limits your career options. When the Sun moves into fellow fire sign Leo this week, your self-confidence will be boosted, and you will have many chances to see yourself in a positive light. Practice receiving compliments graciously, rather than fending them off or denying admiral qualities in yourself.

Capricorn: Comparison is the thief of joy, and your tendency to measure yourself up against others steals the fun out of life. Having high standards can be a good thing, but only if it inspires us to do our best and shoot for the stars. However, if we are always looking at the world around us, and imagining that we do not have or have not accomplished that which others seem to have, we will find ourselves in an endless pursuit of unattainable goals. Be mindful of the times you feel a wistful twinge in your gut, attached to feelings of jealousy or desire. Is your focus on something that you genuinely want, or is what you crave the happiness or satisfaction you imagine other people possess? You are capable of achieving anything your heart desires, just make sure that you choose your goals for the right reasons.

Aquarius: When we are hungry because we have chosen to diet, the discomfort is tolerable. However, if we are hungry and can’t do anything about our situation, the hunger feels unbearable. Within your relationships, you crave a healthy balance of power that includes sharing goals and ideals with a like-minded partner. Unfortunately, through excessive compromise or complete isolation, you’ve ended up miles from where you started, thirsty for change. As a result of everything you’ve gone through, you’ve come to understand what is worth suffering for, and what is not. This week, you are invited to re-balance your energy and your life by releasing what no longer serves your highest good. With your eyes on the prize, and a new idea of what healthy looks like, you’re motivated and ready to create a new reality that truly feels good.

Pisces: Aldous Huxley once said, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, man would see everything as it is- Infinite”. Can you think without words? Can you look without names? Your sign excels at existing in a place with no definition, swimming in the waters of the ethereal realm. Quite often, you notice what others do not, and understand what others cannot comprehend. Allow yourself to be released from the limitations of language and definitions, and prioritize your awareness over conformity of thought. Your perspective is valid, even when you cannot explain it to anyone. Honor your truth and live your truth. We are conditioned to play roles in the endless machine of society, and you too have bills to pay- but you can choose to participate in a way that works for you, and aligns with your spirit.

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