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Karmic Balance: Our Horoscopes for the New Moon in Libra and Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is infamous for causing trouble, including communication breakdowns, mixed messages, and so much more. However, it can also be profoundly useful for making things right. Right now, the planet of thinking and speaking is moving backwards through Libra, represented by the scales. With a focus on balance within relationships, this planetary transit invites us to recalibrate our awareness and look closer at our interactions. Karma will return and tables will turn, presenting opportunities to see things from another perspective. Unfortunately, it is through mishaps and bumps in the road that these opportunities present themselves, including finding ourselves in the shoes of those we’ve judged. The only way to see this time as a gift is by dropping the ego- otherwise, we will react to any unfortunate events with great irritation, pointing the finger outwards with blame or denial.

This week, we have a New Moon in Libra, offering a reset button for our relationships. Through discord comes a chance for peace, and through frustration we are given a chance to rethink our reactions. The Sun and Moon will be joined by Mercury and Mars, creating a powerful energetic focus, uniting our awareness with intention and action. By the end of this transit, Saturn and Jupiter will come out of retrograde, inviting us to do things differently from now on. However, where we go from here depends greatly on our willingness to have our minds changed. Just below the surface of our interactions lies a universal truth waiting to be realized- we are all the same. Extending patience, compassion, and understanding will allow true progress to be made.

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Aries: For you, the New Moon will be in your 7th house of one-on-one partnerships. Within your romantic and/or professional world, much is changing, and your role is being redefined. The challenges you experience right now are triggering deep wounds, and stirring up self limiting beliefs that you have carried for quite some time now. Whatever makes you angry or disappointed reflects your values, so instead of stuffing those feelings, see if you can lean into them. There is no need to go to war, this is a chance to see others as flawed and perhaps just as wounded as you. Lead with compassion, and keep expectations for yourself and others reasonable. By mid-month, your path will be clarified, and you will be ready to step into a new role, either professionally or personally. Stay curious!

Taurus: The New Moon in Libra will occur in your 6th house of health and daily routines. When the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars align, so will your intentions to live your best life. A healthy mindset and new goals will help you achieve balance after feeling so off for so long. Underneath your intentions lies a sense that you could do better, and you will finally have the energy and willingness to break some bad habits. However, in order to implement these changes, you need to heal some old wounds. If you think about it, the times that you aren’t at your best are the times you are neglecting the needs of your soul. Healthy coping mechanisms must be learned, and it might be time to find the right teacher. By the middle of the month, you will have a much clearer picture of where you are headed. Prioritize wellness.

Gemini: With your ruling planet retrograde right now, you may be feeling especially off, and more quiet or reflective than usual. This is a great time to tune into your inner child, and reflect on the balance of work and play in your life. For you, the New Moon in Libra occurs in your 5th house, and you may be struggling with a sense that you are not as successful/happy/productive as other people. Remember that everyone is unique, and comparison is the thief of joy. Your goals need to be tailored to your unique needs and abilities, and will never be the same as that of others. However, that which you envy in others is a desire being whispered by your soul. Consider why you want what you do, and imagine how you would feel if you achieved it. Would that goal satisfy your soul? Pursue the inspirational.

Cancer: No storm lasts forever, eventually the sun comes out and the clouds dissipate. This New Moon in Libra brings balance to your emotional health and home, offering peace and stability after what felt like an endless struggle. It’s been hard to imagine the future when the present was so distracting- but by the middle of the month, it will be easier to accept things as they are, rather than wishing for them to be different. There is so much that we cannot change, and when we feel adrift in the sea of life, it can take all the wind out of our sails. Breathe deep, and allow gratitude to shift your perspective. It is the only antidote to disappointment. On the other side of your experience is a deeper compassion for yourself and others. By softening your heart rather than hardening it, the sun will shine once again.

Leo: From frustration comes judgment, it’s a common human experience. However, that which annoys you can also teach you- and the behavior you despise is likely something you also do, or have done in the past. No one is perfect, so be mindful of the times that you rush to label others, creating an illusion of distance or superiority. The New Moon this week brings balance to your inner circle and your communications. When we are surrounded by eagles, we soar, and your desire to be lifted up by those you spend time with will be granted, but perhaps with new friends. Stagnant relationships will fall away, and you will have the opportunity to refresh your perspective and set new goals. By the middle of the month, you will see your interactions with far more clarity, allowing you to make necessary adjustments.

Virgo: In the book titled “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, the author talks about how we often care too much about too many things. The advice given is to narrow down our focus to what is most important, in order to reduce stress and improve overall satisfaction in life. The New Moon in Libra occurs in your 2nd house of values, inviting you to do just that. By clarifying your intentions, picking a few things to focus on, and letting go of the rest, you will bring more peace and calm into your life. The 2nd house is also about tangible results, and you may find yourself contemplating what’s worth your energy, and what isn’t. Remember that not everything will have concrete proof that you’ve invested your time- what really matters is quality, not quantity. Give yourself permission to release burdens.

Libra: The planetary conjunction in your sign this week is an omen of things to come. This reset button happens in your first house of self-expression, inviting you to rethink who you are. So often, your self image comes from the reflection of others, but this is a great time to carve out an identity that is yours and yours alone. Over the next six months, you will be redefining what it means to be uniquely you, without the validation or approval of others. Be courageous and bold as you take steps to feel more comfortable in your skin and in your life, fearlessly and cathartically letting go of that which no longer serves your highest good. Mercury retrograde in your sign indicates that you won’t have the words to define your experience, but by the middle of the month, you’ll feel profoundly different, in a good way.

Scorpio: With Mercury retracing its steps through your 12th house of dreams and secrets, it may feel as though skeletons are escaping from the closets of your mind. Avoid the urge to stuff them back in there, and instead, take the opportunity to clean out the cobwebs. Your dreams may be more vivid than usual, or your intuition vibrating with a buzz of awareness, and these can point you in the direction you need to go. Although you may be tempted towards escapism, this is an opportunity to reframe your experience and integrate some new healthy coping mechanisms in times of stress. By the middle of the month, your hard work will clearly be paying off, and emotional stability will be yours to enjoy again. The only way through is through, and facing fears now means they won’t chase you down later.

Sagittarius: How long have you been plugging away at tasks and responsibilities, with no chance for play? The New Moon in Libra this week occurs in your 11th house of creativity and transcendence, inviting you to tap into all that makes life delicious and enjoyable. Perhaps your humanitarian side will be activated, or you will return to a talent that has been gathering dust in the corners of your mind- but no matter how this time plays out for you, it is an opportunity to take a step back from all that has occupied your attention. All work and no play makes us dull, so if you seem to have lost your shine or your lust for life, now is the time to remember what you enjoy the most. This is the “rainy day” you keep saving the fun stuff for, so enjoy! Chores and work will always be there, waiting for you to return.

Capricorn: Over the last month, you’ve been pondering so many options, it’s been hard to narrow down your focus. As you made lists and jotted down ideas, plans for the future started to solidify. This week, the New Moon is in your 10th house of career, leadership, and reputation. Finally, you will feel a sense of peace as you establish concrete plans, and start formulating the steps that will get you closer to your goals. If waves of fear wash over you, or the distance between yourself and the future you imagine feels overwhelming, bring yourself back to the present moment with deep breaths. All we have is now. Worrying about the future causes anxiety, and dwelling too much on the past can trigger regret. Both are a waste of your time and energy. You are capable of great things, so believe in yourself!

Aquarius: We are only capable of achieving what we believe to be possible, because we avoid even trying what we think we cannot handle. However, with each step forwards, with each goal attained, your perception of your abilities evolves. The New Moon in Libra this week offers an opportunity to rethink the possibilities within your life, and to set your sights higher than ever before. Through travel, philosophy, or expanding your horizons in other ways, you will be given a variety of signs and signals that you are capable of far more than you ever imagined. Reflecting on the ways in which you speak to yourself will bring your awareness to any self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. Although you may carry fear or doubt, to move forwards despite these things is true bravery. Fortune favors the bold!

Pisces: The way in which interactions and situations have been playing out lately has given you food for thought. With the New Moon happening in your 8th house of karma and energetic flow, roles are being reversed, tables turned, and you now find yourself seeing situations though the eyes of another. When everything seems to come full circle, take a moment to pause and reflect. These awakenings are a gift, allowing you to move beyond preconceived notions, although they may hurt the ego a little. Instead of retaliating when hurt, extend the patience and compassion you wish you received, when you were in their shoes. Holding space with understanding moves mountains, and builds a bridge over the gap between yourself and others. A non-judgmental attitude allows us to approach with curiosity.

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