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Horoscopes for the New Moon Solar Eclipse

Horoscopes for the New Moon Solar Eclipse

Typically, a New Moon is a time for rejuvenation and fresh starts. With the Sun and Moon united, our inner and outer selves achieve balance, as do the heart and mind. This New Moon also happens to be a Solar Eclipse, meaning that for a brief time, the Moon casts a shadow on the Sun. In Astrology, this signifies that the heart and inner sense of knowing must take priority over the ego or the obvious. Adding to the mix is Mercury, currently in retrograde, and squaring Neptune. This influence indicates that our ability to be discerning will be limited; confusion and even deception will reign. In times of doubt, seek clarification, and dig deep until you find the truth.

Last week we were inundated with waves of emotions and experiences that catalyzed a major purge- but with Mars opposing Pluto, we may be reluctant to see or accept reality. At the end of the week, when Mars moves into Leo, our egos will be further amplified, and it will take a great deal of effort to stay grounded and clear. Be careful during this time to think before speaking, and carefully consider all potential outcomes before acting. Not everything is as it seems.

These horoscopes are written for Sun and Rising signs, but if you know your Moon sign, read that too for extra insight.

Aries: The past few weeks have been full of new opportunities to network, connect socially, and expand your horizons. The Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago brought your attention to where and when your soul truly shines, and where you may be stuck in a rut. This week’s Solar Eclipse carries a much different energy, and you will need to be careful not to fall for deceit or misinformation. Occurring in your 3rd house of thinking and communicating, you may struggle to find the truth, and potentially be lying to yourself about something. The ego creates many protective layers in the name of self preservation, and with your ruler Mars opposing shadow-realm Pluto, you may be living in denial about something. The New Moon offers you a chance to achieve singularity, but you must do an honest self-inventory first.

Taurus: On the exterior, you appear to be calm, cool, and collected. In fact, your easy-going nature is one of the things people love most about you. Deep inside, however, you struggle with the same insecurities that everyone else does. Pretending they don’t exist only hurts your ability to grow. The sooner you accept that your fears are human and forgivable, the sooner you can ease the inner tension you are experiencing. When the Sun, Moon, and Mercury unite this week, you are offered a chance to reset your perspective with a sense of inner balance and peace. Perfection is unattainable, but joy is well within your grasp. Gratitude helps ground us and become aware of the countless ways we are already blessed. Your best life begins now, with a simple choice to let go of expectations.

Gemini: With two eclipses so near to your birthday, odds are you are going through a massive transformation right now. As you celebrate your solar return, it may help to ask, “Who am I?”, and, “When am I not myself?”. The more you love and accept yourself for who you are, the harder it will be for someone else to judge you in a way that makes you question your self-worth. Your sign typically compartmentalizes the contradictory aspects of itself, but this New Moon is a chance to find a happy medium as well as comfortable company. By the end of the week, when Mars moves into Leo, your self-confidence will return, and you will be ready to shine. Invitations to be social will start to come out of the woodwork, and you will begin to strengthen new connections with like-minded people.

Cancer: With Venus currently moving through your sign, the focus for you lately is self-love and acceptance. The more that you work through your insecurities, the mental fog lifts, and you are able to gain clarity like never before. Unfortunately, we often learn important life lessons while being tested and challenged, so keep in mind that the situations presenting themselves right now are meant to teach you, not break you. The New Moon Solar Eclipse this week helps you to prioritize emotional wellness over obligations, and invites you to develop your own unique spiritual connection. The less you look for answers outside of yourself, and realize that your gut is always right, the stronger your psychic muscles get. Be wary of those who seek to mislead you, and with practice, you will learn to trust your intuition.

Leo: With Mars moving into your sign this week, it will be hard to detach yourself from attachment to outcomes and ego. Humans are inherently self-interested, which is natural but also adjustable. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, and so we learn to speak up and push for what we need or want. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Thursday will present you with an opportunity to practice selfless acts of kindness and generosity, bringing your attention to the needs of others. Noticing a way that you can improve someone’s life or situation is one part of the equation- and the second (but most important) part is to do something about it. Your sign is known for its generosity and warmth, and as soon as you are able to distance yourself from the drama around you, it will become clear where you are needed.

Virgo: Quite often, you underestimate your abilities and your positive effect on others. Giving yourself and your time in compassionate service comes naturally, with no expectation of return or reward. This week, however, the New Moon Solar Eclipse helps you to solidify goals or aspirations for the future that are just for you. It feels uncomfortable at first to promote yourself or your talents, but that’s part of how you will find the success you are hoping for. The righteous path is paved with many distractions and diversions, so be mindful to keep the ego in check. Your planetary ruler Mercury is stuck in a difficult square with Neptune, potentially influencing you to make uncharacteristically foolish choices coming from a place of blind faith or boundless optimism. Read the fine print carefully!

Libra: Your planetary ruler Venus continues to challenge you lately, forming an angle that is much like a mountain that you need to climb. The Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago brought a surge of energy and realizations that caused you to question if your inner circle really fits who you’ve become. Some friends evolve with us, and some must be left behind over time. Endings can be bittersweet, but often exactly what we need. This week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse invigorates your desire to expand your consciousness and explore new territory. Perhaps you have a bucket list of travel destinations, or you are seeking new knowledge through education or stimulating conversation. Either way, this week offers a chance to expand your horizons and get out of a rut you have been in for a while. Pack light, travel light, and be the light!

Scorpio: The last couple of weeks have had such intense energy, you began to question if you were truly evolved as you thought you were. You have grown so much, but life’s challenges have a way of bringing up our worst fears and exposing core beliefs we hold deep in our hearts. As you reflect on recent events, make sure to notice any aspects of what happened that feel like continuing themes in your life. Take note of when you made new choices, and where you continued habitual reactions. It will take some effort, but once you see, you cannot unsee, and everything changes from there. This week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse deepens your desire to break free of karmic patterns, especially the ones that seem to run in the family. Healing is only possible when we stop running, turning instead to face the truth.

Sagittarius: The mind is a powerful tool, but every tool can be a weapon depending on how it is used. When we are convinced of something, we tend to reject any new information, choosing instead to stick with what feels comfortable or sure. It is an unfortunate truth that we only see what we want to see, and as Mars moved through Cancer, emotional upheaval caused you to reject what did not feel good- whether it was true or not. This week however, Mars moves into Leo, a fire sign like yourself. This shift will awaken your desire for change, inspiring your curiosity with a thirst for new information. The New Moon this week inspires a breakthrough, helping you to look at your situation from another angle. A new perspective will help you realize that you are not as stuck as you think you are.

Capricorn: Pluto was named for the god of the underworld and represents our shadow side. This planet activates our desires, deepest fears, and our thirst for control. Pluto has been spending an extended amount of time in your sign and is opposed by Mars in sensitive Cancer right now. This exact opposition is exposing the contradictory elements in the world and within our psyches. It is easy to see the answers to someone else’s life, but our own problems seem unfathomably difficult. Such is the irony of the human experience. Our emotional reactions are tied to expectations- success can boost the ego, but disappointment can be devastating. We cannot control everything. Surrender becomes freedom when we let go of our attachment to outcomes and take things one healthy step at a time.

Aquarius: Your keen observation skills will come in extra handy this week, as we struggle to separate illusions from reality. Do not accept things at face value- consider what deeper forces or motivations may be at play. With Mars moving into Leo, relationship dynamics will become the focus of your attention, but also a potential drain of your energy. Mercury retrograde is squaring off with Neptune, and you may be the subject of deceit or manipulation if you are not paying attention. The New Moon Solar Eclipse this week heightens your vulnerability, and it is up to you to decide who is trustworthy. Having walls up all the time to protect yourself is exhausting, and you are ready for a change. This is a perfect opportunity to cut ties with energetic vampires in the name of self preservation.

Pisces: This has been an interesting few weeks! Mars has been travelling through Cancer, a water sign like yourself, inspiring your creativity and desire to pursue joy. With its shift into Leo, you will be invited to apply what you’ve learned about yourself into daily practice. For the next month or so, the focus will be on physical and mental health. The New Moon Solar Eclipse this week draws your attention away from your career and invites you to ground yourself at home. Your heart overflows when you are with the ones you love, and this is a perfect time to recharge your batteries. With your head and your heart in a state of equilibrium, your intuition is heightened, and the simple pleasures in life fill you with a deep sense of gratitude. Dreams may be wild and colorful, and spiritual awakenings open new doors.

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