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Horoscopes for July 4th to 10th: New Moon in Cancer

Last week, Venus moved into Leo, boosting our self-love and confidence. Our relationships stand to gain from the warmth and generosity that Leo’s fire contributes, but if our egos get the best of us, interactions can be strained. Adding to the mix, just a few days ago Mars opposed Saturn and squared Uranus, magnifying frustrations, and instigating rebellion. Restrictions felt unbearable. Life is always a balance of what we want versus what others want, so compromise is key. We often act out without realizing why, but in the middle of this coming week, an angle between Mercury and Pluto will urge us to reflect on what we have been stuffing, and what we need to release.

We are invited to start fresh in a way that honors our spirits and allows our hearts to heal. Emotions are running high, and Venus will oppose Saturn and square Uranus, making it difficult to fake anything we do not believe. However, the Sun and Moon will be gently supported by a helpful angle to Uranus, giving us the courage to make any necessary changes. If it has been hard to share your true feelings or desires, efforts to communicate will be enhanced with the New Moon in Cancer on Friday.

These horoscopes are written for Sun and Rising signs, but if you know your Moon sign, read that too for extra insight.

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Aries: Your path to healing has been bumpy and challenging, but this week, you will feel more closely aligned with your ideals. Even though your autopilot is to fight your way through, the next phase invites you to play more. Through laughter, fears and anxieties are released, and your load is lightened. When tension is getting the best of you, it will help to shift your laser-like focus away from what is causing you stress. If your eyes and attention are burning holes into your screen or your work, diversions may be irritating at first- but your productivity will improve when you allow yourself to take breaks. Opportunities to help your community or express your creative side will fill you with a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as putting your struggles into perspective. The New Moon in Cancer on Friday supports your emotional stability, bringing peace and hope to your home.

Taurus: Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we say things that we did not mean to say. However, there is always some truth behind our outbursts, even if the phrasing was not ideal. Your emotions have been difficult to contain lately, but learning to share your feelings constructively will help you in the long run. Feeling torn between responsibilities and the need for rest can cause imbalance and frustration. It is imperative that you do not ignore your heart and body. With Venus in Leo, it will be challenging to stay centered, so make sure to tend to your frayed nerves. It will be impossible to pretend that you are okay if you are truly not. We cannot be positive all the time, so be honest, and ask for what you need to avoid feeling resentful. The New Moon in Cancer on Friday gently supports your efforts to heal and regain your footing after deeply challenging times.

Gemini: As an expert problem-solver, you detest feeling stuck or held back. In your mind, there are always more options, but lately it seems your path and choices are limited. Frustration and confusion make your head spin! Tension can be suffocating, but you are rarely held down for long. Persistence and determination will win out. The solutions you seek will be found in your dreams, and in the deepest corners of your mind- but you need a key to unlock them. As you talk things out with someone, ideas will flow, so try not to perseverate on your own. Through conversation, your ideals will become clear, and inspiration will flow. The New Moon in Cancer on Friday offers an opportunity to make a fresh start, helping you manifest the financial abundance that has been eluding you.

Cancer: Often in life, you have felt as though you did not fit in. Unique people have a hard time finding their “place” in society, because most people seek to conform rather than swim against the current. Remember that no place has been created for you, that is something that you must do for yourself. Honoring your unique talents and sharing your light with the world brings a deeper sense of fulfillment than any other path. Unfortunately, a dip in your energy levels recently is making it hard to be as creative and active in your community as you would like to be. Rest, dear one, whenever you need to. The New Moon in your sign this week offers welcome relief, balance, and a chance to hit a reset button. Aligning with your ideals means honoring your needs, every day, in every way. This too shall pass.

Leo: There is a planetary party in your sign, and your energy is high! This boost of fire burns from within, giving you the motivation to check things off your to-do list, and accomplish goals that have been in the works for quite some time. Remember though, that Rome was not built in one day, and despite your impassioned focus, you need rest sometimes. For a long time now, you have felt as though you were at the mercy of life, often swept away by crashing waves. Finally, you have a surfboard of sorts, allowing you to get your head above water. Be mindful not to let this sense of control go to your head, because that’s exactly when you’ll lose your footing and fall back into the water. As you reflect on difficult dynamics, a theme of me-vs-them may emerge. The New Moon in Cancer invites you to approach with curiosity and compassion.

Virgo: Our self-image is shaped a great deal by those around us. People can either tear us down or lift us up. You have changed so much, but without reminders or reassurances, you may not even realize it. This week, an opportunity to shine helps you see your true self worth, and this realization opens your mind to brand-new possibilities. Expanding your mind through meditation or spiritual development on a daily basis will help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, helping you to release self-limiting beliefs. When we do not believe we are capable of something, we don’t even try- but a boost in your confidence increases your courage and opens your mind to new possibilities. The New Moon in Cancer on Friday offers a creative fresh start, and an opportunity to expand your horizons.

Libra: Maintaining healthy relationships takes a lot of work, but you’re tired of putting in so much effort. Things should not always be so hard. Too much compromise and not enough support has left you wondering if all the effort was worth it. When we pursue joy rather than running from pain, we have so much to gain. A new sense of freedom opens doors to interactions that inspire you and lift you up out of the doldrums you have felt stuck in for so long. It’s time for change! Your career or your legacy is given a boost this week by an influx of finances or resources that assist your ability to make long term plans that feel good. The New Moon in Cancer on Friday will challenge you to deal with emotional roots that are not healthy or helpful. By validating your experience, old wounds will finally heal.

Scorpio: Although some people thrive with routine, you need fresh inspiration to feel alive. By expanding your horizons, you have new opportunities to shine. Something is changing for you- either your environment or your understanding of something- and it is bringing you into harmony or balance. When you are relaxed, it is easier for you to compromise when necessary. With minimal drama in your life, you are present, focused, and productive. Lately, work is fulfilling and profitable, but home life may feel boring or heavy. Avoiding what needs your energy or attention in favor of pursuing what feels easy will work against you in the long run. The New Moon in Cancer on Friday is in another water sign like yourself, and it will be impossible to ignore your emotions. Dig deep, and get to the root of what’s bugging you.

Sagittarius: Recent adjustments to your health or habits are starting to produce results, such as higher energy levels, or an increase in income. The planetary party in fellow fire sign Leo is boosting your desire for change, both inner and outer. By expanding your mind and horizons, you will get out of the rut you have been in. Remember to make these permanent changes, instead of forgetting when you feel better. At this point, the one thing that seems to be anchoring you to the past is your communication. Either you keep putting your foot in your mouth, or you’ve been holding back from speaking your truth. Words can heal, but they can also cut like a knife. This week’s New Moon in Cancer will have you reflecting on where your attention and energy are flowing, and where things feel stagnant. It is time for a fresh start.

Capricorn: Although you are typically a workhorse, the more you play, the better you feel. Unfortunately for you, it seems to be one or the other- and finding a happy medium is an elusive goal. It may help to reflect on your ideals, and then think about how you spend your time. A planetary party in Leo right now is inviting you to reflect on repeating patterns, and challenging you to respond differently than you ever have before. When it seems as though everything comes back to the same theme, consider the common threads. The New Moon in Cancer will bring an opportunity to start fresh within your relationships. You love interacting with others, but on your terms. Sometimes compromise is easy, but sometimes it feels too hard. It will help to reflect on what the root of your struggle is. (It usually comes down to expectations.)

Aquarius: An ongoing challenging dynamic that pits your needs against the needs of others is highlighting the need for boundaries and emotional stability. When we are always holding space for others, and reacting to whatever happens in life, we are no longer in the role of co-creator. Things are not always as obvious or cut-and-dry as we would hope, and life is full of grey areas. However, if you ask yourself if a particular situation exhausts or energizes you, it will become clear whether it is worth your continued attention and energy. It is okay to say no to things that make us feel like crap. The New Moon in Cancer this week invites you to prioritize your health and well-being. Any challenges that surface are simply an opportunity to adjust your approach. Only by making different choices will you achieve a different result.

Pisces: What a struggle it is, bringing dreams into reality! Ever since Venus moved into Leo, your focus has shifted to your health and daily routines. Whatever has not been producing the results you expected is getting an overhaul- but it’s your headspace that is holding you back. Despite your cheerful outlook and positivity, inside you are struggling with doubt and negative self-perceptions. This Friday, a New Moon in Cancer presents a fantastic opportunity to refresh your outlook. An exercise that may help you is to have two journals- one full of all the yuck- and one full of hope and wishes. Allow yourself the opportunity to clear your head by writing down your fears and anxieties. Then, after you’ve gotten that out of your system, switch gears, and journal your hopes, dreams, and ideas. The less you hold inside, the lighter you will feel.

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