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Horoscopes for July 11-17: “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor”

It is not enough to just want things to be different. Even the most hopeful hearts can be dashed by life’s challenges, and positivity tends to wane as time passes. So how do we create the reality that we desire? We must be the change we wish to see, embodying the qualities and characteristics we hope for. It is also imperative that we hold deep gratitude for who we are and what we have right now, so that we are not endlessly chasing a future where we imagine all our problems are magically solved. Typically, our attitude determines how we perceive our circumstances- and if we beat ourselves up, or immediately revert to a victim stance- we end up backtracking over any progress we have made. This week’s astrology reminds us that change does not happen on its own. New beginnings require consistent effort, but not perfection.

The way in which we handle life’s inevitable challenges determines our future. Mercury, associated with our headspace and communication, moves into deeply emotional Cancer today. When emotions overwhelm us, it helps to remember Bruce Lee’s quote, “Move like Water”, and avoid anchoring ourselves. Feelings will come and go, but when we attach a story to them, they linger. On Monday, Mercury forms a helpful trine with luck-planet Jupiter, inviting us to find the silver lining behind difficulties we encounter. Tuesday, Venus joins Mars, helping us to achieve what we desire by melding our focus and determination into a singularity of purpose. Then on Thursday, the Sun forms a trine with hopeful Neptune, assisting the release of negativity, and clearing a path as we pursue our dreams and ideals.

These horoscopes are written for Sun and Rising signs, but if you know your Moon sign, read that too for extra insight.

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Aries: Over the past month and a half, Mercury was bouncing around your 3rd house, causing your head to spin a bit. You were productive, but exhausted. Now that the energy is shifting, it’s time for some rest and relaxation! Grounding out and taking space from the world will be your best medicine. As you detach and detangle, your mind calms, and your nerves are soothed. This week, when Mars and Venus unite in Leo, the fire energy doubles your desire to prioritize joy and play. With a refreshed outlook comes clarity, and a new sense of how to create the life you desire will emerge from the mental clutter. Because Mars and Venus are challenged by an angle to Neptune, your pursuit of ideals may seem worlds away from your reality- but with a sense of purpose and sheer determination, the steps will become clear in time.

Taurus: Fear of change is a real thing, and given how long it takes you to get used to something, it’s no wonder you experience it. Unfortunately, sometimes you are like a little bird, being pushed out of the nest by the universe, and all you can do is trust that it’s the right time. Your personal path of evolution is being challenged right now as you wonder how to translate your new vision and sense of self into a form that others recognize and respect. You wish to help co-create a whole new world, and yet you fear and doubt so much. Planning is helpful, but ruminating is not. Invoke the courage of your predecessors, and see yourself among the strong. Within you is endless inspiration and energy that will take you beyond what you could ever imagine. Always believe in yourself, because your confidence can move mountains.

Gemini: This week bestows upon you blessings and fortuitous coincidences, but it is up to you to reach out and grab the opportunities that come by! Clearly communicate your desires to the universe and to the world around you, and what you send out will be returned. Trust your gut, and try not to overthink. The more you over-analyze the details, the more confusing things may feel. Positive affirmations worded in the present help bring dreams to reality by bridging the gap that our minds create. Give thanks for what you want, as if it is already so, and so it will come to be. Remember to hone in on the essence of what you want, allowing room for improvisation and adjustments to the details. If you have blinders on, and too narrow a focus, you may miss gifts that are just outside of your vision.

Cancer: How easy it is, to be swept away by the currents of energy that swirl around you; and how hard it seems to gain your footing sometimes, or get your head above water. With the Sun and Mercury now both in your sign, you’re vibing hard, and emotions are running high. This week, when Mars and Venus join hands in your second house, you will notice a shift from the ethereal to the tangible. Suddenly, your attention will be drawn to the present moment, and your desire to be productive will be enhanced. The physical world can feel so heavy, and the body almost like a prison- but you are energetic in nature, and boundless in spirit. By mid-week, helpful angles between the Sun and Neptune inspire your journey of acceptance and gratitude, assisting your efforts to shake off whatever ails your mind, body, or heart.

Leo: The energy of life is coursing through your veins- and you feel awake, rejuvenated, impassioned, and alive! The good, the bad, and everything in between all feels so intense right now. The week starts with Mars and Venus joining together in your sign, boosting your productivity, and returning your sense of purpose. The mental turmoil you have recently suffered is giving way to a sense that positive flow is returning, and resources are more easily accessible. Still causing you a great deal of stress is a financial situation or some sort of imbalanced power dynamic. Your knee-jerk reaction is to get lost in the details and the distractions, which feel most heavy in the middle of the week. You have the power to change or stop a repeating cycle in your life by changing how you respond. Whenever possible, choose not to engage.

Virgo: For the next few weeks, your planetary ruler Mercury will make its way through the deep waters of Cancer. Intense emotions may overwhelm your senses, muddying your ability to make sense of things. If you notice yourself getting sucked into a difficult dynamic or situation, remember that sometimes the best way to win is not to play the game. Ego battles brought out a side of you that is so stressed that you forgot just how blessed you are. When Mars and Venus unite in Leo, something huge will unlock for you. Dreams will be more vivid, and divine inspiration will manifest out of thin air. As you break through an invisible glass ceiling, your spirit will once again feel free. Trust in the process, and remember that although difficulties may shape us, they do not define us. Your potential is infinite.

Libra: Your sign is symbolized by the scales, and you are deeply proud of your ability to achieve balance. However, with Mercury moving through Cancer, you are challenged by overwhelming emotions that currently outweigh your logical side. Your typically astute negotiation skills are infused with personal bias, and your ability to think clearly is quite clouded. However, there is a silver lining! Rather than denying this energetic shift, lean into it, and see what you can learn from the whispers of your heart. As you rethink your goals and achievements, considering how you could be healthier or happier is important and completely valid. When we know better, we do better, and from there, positive growth happens. You hate being indecisive, but sometimes when you change your mind you change your life.

Scorpio: Jealousy may be considered an “undesirable” emotion, but feeling it is natural, and points us in the direction of our truest and deepest desires. What really matters is what you do with it. Are greener pastures calling your name? What experiences do you feel you are missing out on? When Mars and Venus join up this week, a sense of urgency infuses your awareness, as if you are watching a ticking clock, and time is counting down. Allow any waves of regret to pass over you, and let them teach you rather than suck you down. It is never too late to go after what we want. This week looks to be a roller coaster of emotions- so much will be felt, but there is also much to be gained. You write the story of your life with every choice, one day at a time, and nothing is set in stone. You are the director, not a bystander.

Sagittarius: Lately you find yourself pondering the deeper meanings of things, perhaps seeking an answer that does not exist. Are you attempting to quantify your struggles, or find meaning in chaos? These are thoughts worth pondering, but be mindful where your mind goes, and what labels you attach. People know you for your cheerfulness, but the rare few know how much you struggle deep inside. With Mercury now moving through Cancer, emotions come in waves, and each one seems to trigger memories, hopes, and dreams. You are not a kitten stuck up a tree, and you most certainly don’t need saving- but you do need an escape. Too much work and not enough play is making your heart feel heavy. This week, you are looking for an exit door or a chance to recharge your batteries, and you will find one.

Capricorn: For the next few weeks, your thoughts will be centering around partnerships, both business and personal. Some people have a way of making you feel so special, capable, and strong; and some people can tear you down with a look or a word. As humans, we have a tendency to remember the negative far more than the positive- but it’s a survival instinct, not an accurate reflection of reality. Peace of mind is achieved when we are able to distance ourselves from the judgments of others, and ground our awareness in the consistent characteristics we are truly known for. Today is the first day that you are this old and this wise. Just for today, forget the past, and focus on the present. Every moment you find yourself drifting back to the past, focus on your breath, and return to the present. Your future is up to you.

Aquarius: With your head buried in your work, you’ve successfully driven out most intrusive thoughts, but stop working for a moment, and they return. Why is this so? Well, you cannot run from your heart, and your mind does its best to translate- but if you want to know the truth, you must go directly to the source. Soul seeking is hard for you sometimes, but for the next few weeks, intense emotions make it easier to understand. When Mars and Venus meet up this week, they directly oppose your sign, putting something important directly in your field of view. This time, there is no denying the truth, and for once, you have an idea of how to make your dreams come true. No longer feeling powerless, you have a chance to grab the steering wheel of your life, and take control of where you are headed. Passengers are optional.

Pisces: The more you understand yourself, the more you understand life. It is an endless learning experience, but this week, you reach a new level of comprehension. Joy is your truest desire, and life the ultimate playground. As you bask in the comfortable glow of your self-acceptance, you shine like a beacon in the dark. Those who are lost are drawn to you, and your gift is empowering them. It is not your job to heal anyone, but you excel at helping people heal themselves. Differentiating the two alleviates the pressure you put on yourself. If you look back at your own process, you can draw upon your failings and successes equally for inspiration. As we stumble, we learn to get up again, and become stronger with time and wisdom. You are a mirror through which others learn to see themselves with unconditional love and infinite patience. Make sure to extend the same to yourself, and all will be well.

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