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Full Moon in Aquarius: Our Horoscopes for August 22-28

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Have you ever had the sensation of being empowered with a choice? To know that people will do what they do, and the world will keep spinning as it does, but you have the option of engaging or not? There is often a pause in between a trigger and a flash of emotion- and to extend that pause, enabling us to choose how to respond, is the mark of awareness and maturity. Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. We have a Full Moon in Aquarius today, and this enlightened air sign encourages us to rise above, to see the bigger picture, and detach ourselves from repeating patterns or misspent emotions. Full Moons are a peak of energy, accompanied by a climax of realization and experience that began with a New Moon two weeks prior. Our lunar cycle began with a focus on the self and meeting one’s needs; and now, in Aquarius, the energy shifts to an emphasis on the greater good.

To put ourselves first can be selfish or a matter of self-preservation, depending on the context. We tend to grasp more tightly on to anything we can control when we feel we will be lost in the churning waters of life. However, our efforts to control situations or other people rarely work out the way we hope. Truly, the only thing we can control is ourselves, and our reactions. This week’s Full Moon on Sunday invites light through the cracks in our lives, and bodes well for all relationships. However, Tuesday tells a different story, of being lost in illusions or deception, and emotions getting the best of us. It is easy to be a guru at the top of a mountain, but the real test begins when we return to everyday life. What lessons have you learned recently? Are you able to apply them in the heat of the moment? This week may test you, or teach you.

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Aries: For the Aries born in March, the Full Moon will polarize the known and unknown. What you know to be real and tangible will come up against inklings of intuition and a sense that things are not what they seem. Although you typically prefer solid proof, your connection to your intuition will be heightened, allowing you to integrate a deeper sense of knowing into your awareness. For the Aries born in April, the patience that typically eludes you will come easier this weekend, only to be lost again early in the week. Emotions will run high for all Aries people, with the moon in your sign Tuesday through Thursday. It will help to remember that all skills require practice, and your enlightened goals are not dashed with one mistake. Train yourself like a puppy, with rewards, not punishment.

Taurus: Comparison is the thief of joy, and you’ve been doing too much of that lately. It is hard to gauge progress without measurements of achievement and goals to accomplish, but your path has no markers or milestones. Instead, you will notice something that used to set you off no longer does, so take pride in your restraint. Taureans born in April are having an easier time finding peace, whereas the Taurus born in May is still feeling stretched to the limits and pulled in multiple directions. The Full Moon this week invites you to create your own script, asking yourself periodically throughout the day, “What do I need right now?”. The breakthrough you need will come in the form of a deep conversation, allowing you to see your situation from another perspective. Allow your mind to be changed.

Gemini: Who you are at home alone is far different from who you are out in the world. Do you notice the masks you put on for certain company? Each interaction brings out a different side of you, some forced and some natural. It’s as if you have a closet full of suits you can wear for different occasions. Geminis born in May are feeling especially fragmented, and having to try so hard is wearing you down. Extra rest and time to yourself is called for. Geminis born in June are feeling extra chatty, preferring company over solitude. Ultimately, all roads lead to the same place- the realization that feeling grounded is your goal, and emotional health makes all things possible. Your health suffers when you hold your stress in, so do what feels right for you this week. When in doubt, listen to your gut.

Cancer: Your compassionate soul needs a break this week. It feels good to take care of other people, holding space for those you love, and listening to their stories- but right now, life is overwhelming and it’s time to take a step back. For the Cancer born at the end of June, deep conversations will help you gain clarity. It’s your turn to share and ask for support. Cancerians born in July will be struggling with deeper themes, pondering the fleeting nature of life, and aching to recapture the “good times gone”. Emotions may get the best of you mid-week, as you try to reconcile a deep sense of discomfort with a clear lack of control. Nostalgia is a funny thing, with the scales tipping between sadness and joy, so without anchoring to one more than the other, allow yourself to swing back and forth. Be here now.

Leo: How do you measure success? Are there goals, signposts, or accomplishments you strive for? Perhaps you have already arrived. Compared to last year, you are not the same, and that which you hoped for may have already come true. The Full Moon this week offers clarity in the form of a reflection. Leos born in July are struggling with the desire to measure their success, experiencing lessons of quality not quantity. August Leos are bouncing between moments of feeling social and the desire to have some quiet time to themselves. Whatever your process may be, slow and steady wins the race, and your efforts to manifest abundance are well on their way. You can’t always be running at top speed, and not every day is going to be amazing. Free yourself from the shackles of expectations.

Virgo: With Mars and Mercury in your sign, the drive to succeed is at an all-time-high. Lessons learned recently point you in the direction of deficiencies- so instead of being hard on yourself, make a list of goals and wins, and keep it at arm’s reach. It can be added to, or things crossed off, helping you to move forward with clarity and a sense of progress. August Virgos are receiving priceless gifts in the form of reflections or advice, and even a small suggestion could be exactly what you need. Stay open to inspiration. September Virgos currently have a laser-like focus that can chain them down if you’re not careful. All the ideas you’ve been bouncing around in your head- projects in mind and things to do- they’re good, but they’re not everything. Consider what’s missing- it’s not a thing, it’s more of a feeling. Dig deep.

Libra: There is a chain of command- first come feelings and thoughts, which motivate actions, and over time all these combined become a lifestyle. If you reflect on that chain, can you see a block somewhere? Are feelings and thoughts circling around to more feelings and thoughts- always pondering but never taking action? This week’s Full Moon bridges the gap between conceptual and realistic, helping you to channel pent up frustrations and desires into a course of action that you feel good about. September Libras may take a little bit longer to get there, but October Libras are quite possibly taking their first steps. Your desire to affect change has tipped the scales, and nothing will ever be the same. Your mental, emotional, and physical health are taking priority, and that’s an amazingly good thing.

Scorpio: It feels so good to be in alignment with your hopes and dreams for the future. Even if you have no idea how things will turn out, to finally take action and make strides towards your goals feels amazing. You’ve got dreams, baby! A new side of you is emerging, and to match your energy, the universe is responding. The right people are crossing your path at the right time, so ask and you shall receive. Early Scorpios born in October are awakening to new possibilities, formulating a new vision that includes a personal makeover of sorts. Scorpios born in November are bringing ideas into reality, establishing plans, and working out details. Now is the time to release anything that does not resonate with your soul. Filtering your life means saying yes to what elevates your vibration, and no to what doesn’t.

Sagittarius: This week’s Full Moon aligns with your planetary ruler, Jupiter. Expect a boost of optimism, and allow that sensation to propel you in a hopeful direction. It’s vital that you release old restrictions and self-limiting beliefs, because your future can be amazing if you are courageous and believe in yourself. You are capable of great things, and infinite possibilities wait for you just outside of your comfort zone. Typically, you only share your hopes and fears on the rare occasion, with certain trusted company. However, if you take a chance, and share a dream with someone who can help you get there, your whole world can change. Loyalty serves you well, but consider who you support, and if that relationship is healthy. We give our lives away for money, but you are worth more than a paycheck.

Capricorn: You completely give yourself to every experience you have. When you play, you play hard, and when you work, you work like there’s no tomorrow. Commitment is your middle name, but this week’s Full Moon presents an opportunity to receive another title. Many cultures have coming-of-age ceremonies, which often include a nickname given by a spiritual advisor or tribal elders. A moment of enlightened awareness will help you to see yourself another way, perhaps with a new name. What makes you special is not tangible- it is a feeling, a presence, an energy. It’s time to go beyond standard definitions. In between moments, when you have a chance to pause and reflect, see what it feels like to not “do” anything. We are called human be-ings, and throughout your entire life, there’s someone you’ve always been.

Aquarius: There’s a second Full Moon in a row that’s in your sign, and it’s an omen of huge transformation. Levelling up is the name of the game, and you’re riding a wave these days. For the early Aquarius born in January, this Full Moon is all about expanding who you are as a person, and how you express yourself. There is a sense that you’ve matured in a huge but intangible way. Not everyone is seeing it or acknowledging yet, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, being wrongly labeled, or told you can’t do something is all the more fuel for your fire. For the Aquarius born in February, establishing self-worth seems harder without “proof”, but who do you feel you need to prove yourself to, anyway? In the past, deep-seeded self doubt compelled you to be patient when mistreated. Free your mind, the rest will follow.

Pisces: Relationships are very important to you, no matter what form they take. This Full Moon, you’re releasing expectations you used to have. Healing is bringing you to place where you are no longer seeking validation from others, instead meeting your own needs, and doing what it takes to nourish your soul. In order to honor yourself and your vision, you recently embraced some big changes. Now you’re ready to see where things go. Remember that keeping it simple will save your sanity, so don’t take on too much right now. Work smarter, not harder. For the early Pisces born in February, new connections are being made, old ones are nourished, and your heart is feeling full. For the Pisces born in March, mental health and spiritual wellness are on the menu, and you’re hungry for a new way of life.

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