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Balancing Act: Our Horoscopes for August 15-21

Our Horoscopes for August 15-21: Balancing Act

When we look back on our lives, we typically regret the things we haven’t done much more than things we have done. Regret, however, can motivate us to make necessary changes. This week, Uranus, planet of evolution and change, goes retrograde. Spending almost half the year seemingly moving backwards, this isn’t an unusual event, but it carries immense potential. Catalyzing massive transformations, its influence can create breakthroughs or breakdowns, depending on how we utilize the energy. Typically, we only make changes when we grow deeply uncomfortable- sometimes jumping on opportunities, and other times waiting until we can’t bear to have things stay the same. The choice is up to us- but the need for action will become very apparent over the next few months.

Venus, the planet that represents our relationships and prosperity, just moved into Libra. Feeling quite at home here, balance and harmony become the focus. In order to create stability in our lives, compromise will always be necessary- but if we continually make choices that only benefit one party, it is hard to find long-term success. Patience is a virtue, but it can also be our undoing. The discomfort we experienced last week brought our attention to imbalance, and such insights can either be brushed off, or used to formulate a plan for the future. Difficult angles between the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto indicate that we are struggling to integrate reality with ideals, often making excuses for the behavior of ourselves or others.

Aries: When you are so focused on immediate needs and day-to-day schedules, it becomes hard to see the bigger picture- even harder to see your way out of repeating patterns! You crave the ability to honor your individuality, and wish you could make time to clear out your headspace. Unfortunately, being a slave to routine keeps you locked into a particular energy and mindset. Thankfully, Venus just moved into Libra, easing communication, and helping you find balance and support within all your relationships- friends, lovers, and business partners. With Uranus shifting into backwards motion, you will work on developing the strength and resolve that will help you make small daily adjustments that will help you more closely align with your ideals. Some say, “time is money”, but what do you believe?

Taurus: Some days you are a workhorse, getting more done than most people do in a week. Other times, you sleep in, eat well, and relax as if you have no cares in the world. There doesn’t seem to be any in-between. Lately, you’ve been wanting to play more than you want to work. If you think about your to-do list, and a wave of anxiety washes over you, reflect on why that is. Have you set the bar too high? Perhaps the things you committed to during an energized moment are no longer resonating with your soul. Too many responsibilities means that there is no room in your schedule for adjustments or spontaneity. What can you let go of to make room to do the creative things you used to- before life got to be too busy? As Nina Simone said, one form of freedom is “sleeping peacefully when the day is done”.

Gemini: In your opinion, a day without laughter is a day wasted, and Venus in Libra echoes this sentiment. You shine when you are able to speak your mind and share ideas, and infusing joy into every moment is a magical skill you possess. You’ve been working hard lately to heal and develop emotional stability, but it’s hard to see where to go from here. Ideally, you wish to create a clear and solid path to walk, establishing a career or legacy for yourself. Unfortunately, you can only control so much, and for every action you take, there seems to be both an equal and opposite reaction. This week, a wave of motivation will help you carry your ideals through every word you speak and every action you take. Practice reading the room, be willing to adjust your approach, and get ready to seize opportunities.

Cancer: The last few weeks have been a roller-coaster of energy and emotions for you. Big highs matched with big lows have left you feeling exhausted and ready for a break. Thankfully, Venus just moved into Libra, offering you a chance to find respite. Your brainstorming and problem-solving abilities are still at maximum velocity, with ideas continuing to come in waves, so write down anything you don’t have time for now, so that you can reach for inspiration later. The work you’ve been doing on bringing more peace and stability in your life continues to be challenged on a daily basis, especially interactions with other people. The next step to healing your heart, mind, and soul is going to require that you notice your triggers. Remember, you can’t change others, but you can change your reactions.

Leo: Why does it always seem that as soon as you make money, it’s spent? As your income increases, so do your expenses, and this relationship is making your head spin. Living your best life requires consistent effort, and it may help to return to the budget you had when you were broke, in order to create financial stability and save for rainy days. Shared resources are also a concern, and if you must make decisions with others, communication will be key. It is vital to be on the same page as your team, considering the priorities and desires of all parties involved. Thankfully, as Venus moves into Libra, it will become easier to achieve balance at the same time as upholding your ideals. While Uranus is retrograde, you will be re-evaluating your budget, prioritizing what tugs on your heart-strings the most.

Virgo: The last few weeks, you’ve been learning how to best love yourself, no matter what happens in life. Now, with Venus moving into Libra, you are encouraged to translate these lessons into ideals you keep for life. It has become clear that although you are an expert task-master, it doesn’t leave much room for play. Instead of regretting missed opportunities for fun and play, make the most of each day, and set time aside for joy. With your birthday coming soon, think ahead and consider what you can do to make it special, instead of continuing with business as usual. A deep sense of discomfort combined with a strong desire to do things differently will soon motivate you to make some big choices that allow for room to grow. Insanity has been defined as doing things the same but expecting different results.

Libra: While Venus was moving through Virgo, your headspace was clouded with irritating thoughts and a focus on details that matter to you. Now that it’s moving into your sign, a massive shift will take place, allowing you to prioritize yourself and your well-being. You have always worked extra hard at achieving balance, often compromising your needs in the name of peace, but how well has that worked for you? Putting yourself first may feel uncomfortable or selfish at first, but it will get easier with time. You shine when helping others, but it is becoming clear that you need to step back a bit and look after your health. When you are at your best, you are amazing at what you do. If your work is suffering, it’s because you have nothing left to give. Make sure to replenish your reserves, before resuming full-speed.

Scorpio: Why is it said, “think globally, act locally”? The reason is that even though we desire to make big changes in the world, it is often small actions that make the biggest difference. Every life you touch is a life changed, and you are making waves just by being yourself. The energy you bring to situations combines compassion with courage, strength with flexibility, hope with reality. These polarized concepts come together within you, grounding awareness in the here-and-now. Without pretention, you are a shining example of life’s lessons learned, and if you can shake the discomfort that comes from being an example to others, you have so much to teach. It’s only worthwhile to help those that are willing to help themselves, never dragging anyone through the process. You shine like a beacon of hope.

Sagittarius: You are far more comfortable in a supporting role, helping others with their plans or ideas. It’s not that you don’t have any ideas of your own, it’s just that you often lack the confidence to see them through. Unfortunately, this means that you have a pile of inspiration sitting by the wayside, gathering dust and cobwebs. It’s time to gather up that enthusiasm and gusto that you are so famous for, and start being your own cheerleader. Years down the road, you will only regret the chances you didn’t take, or opportunities you missed. Your desire for change is about to win out over your fears, especially since you hate feeling stuck. A moment of being told you “can’t” or you “shouldn’t” will be that last push you need. Get out there and prove your fears wrong, and shine like the star you are!

Capricorn: It would be amazing if there were step-by-step instructions that would get you to your goal, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Your path is one you must walk alone. Thankfully, Venus moving into Libra means that your career and your direction are about to be infused with positivity and abundance. The obstacles you encountered not that long ago are starting to fade or even disappear, and your persistence is about to pay off. Keep pushing back against limits with questions of “what is my goal here”, or “what is my motivation?”, and soon you will find the answers you seek. It is also of great importance that you align your thoughts and deeds with your highest ideals, in order to make sure that the results of your efforts are the best they can be. This is no time to cut corners or take shortcuts.

Aquarius: Your efforts to create stability and balance in your life have worked up to a point- but now there is a sense that it’s time to level up. Take some time to reflect on what you enjoy putting your energy into, and what doesn’t feel enjoyable anymore. Of course, adulting involves doing lots of things we don’t necessarily want to do, but ideally, getting responsibilities taken care of leaves space for fun. As you set your sights on new goals, inspiration carries your heart forwards even if your life isn’t there yet. Meditating on empowerment can help you visualize what needs to change, and then the universe will match your intentions by sending people to you that will help guide your way. Each interaction brings realizations and confirmation. Your spirit craves freedom, and one way or another, it will happen.

Pisces: Being a spiritual being having a human experience has been getting you down lately. Fortunately, with Venus moving into Libra, you will recapture that “joie de vivre” you’ve been missing. Allowing yourself to go with the flow of the moment and the day without putting pressure on yourself to be productive will work best for you right now. The only wasted moments are ones lost in stress. Some moments call for tea, contemplation, or a chat with a friend. In the end, what’s important is that YOU think your moments were well spent, so avoid comparing yourself or your life to that of others. This week, you’ll feel extra motivated to seek harmony and balance in a way that supports mental health. Through loving and being loved, your soul is soothed, and you begin to feel more at peace with life.

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