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Astrology Update- Mars into Virgo, the New Moon in Cancer, and the Nodes into Aries and Libra

Hello! My name is Erin, I am Queen Bee Tarot, and with 30 years experience I bring heart-centered messages for the collective. Today's Astrology update covers Mars moving into Virgo, yesterday's New Moon in Cancer, and the shifting of the Nodes into Aries and Libra.

The New Moon in Cancer might have you feeling ALL the feelings right now, so just let them flow. Take some space, and allow your heart to speak. What is your discomfort trying to teach you? Instead of running from our feelings, it's important to create safe space and listen to what they have to teach us. Try to get those feelings out, perhaps on paper, or whatever works for you. Don't bottle things up inside. Then, after processing your experience, create an action plan that feels healthy.

Make sure your inner space is a safe space. Protect your heart and your peace.

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